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evloution hangs frequently

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I use evolution for email on my desktop. For the last few months every now and then the whole thing would hang up once in a while with a bunch of stuck processes. There always seemed to be one that said “Saving user interface state”. Recently this began happening more often to the point that it became unusable. Finally I built an RPM with the latest stable version, got a backtrace and filed a bug at gnome bugzilla. The response was super quick and apparently it’s a known issue. The answer for me was:

Try Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> Headers (tab)

Make sure this option is unchecked:

[ ] Show the photograph of sender in the message preview

Link to the bug is here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=692727

Many thanks to Matthew Barnes for the quick fix that has made my emailing painful for a long time.


xubuntu 12.10 on an MSI X320

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Hopefully this saves someone some time. I have an old MSI X320 laptop that I was having trouble with to the extent I was trying to justify buying a brand spanking new MACbook pro retina to replace it. Alas I found out how to make it work just fine. xubuntu 12.10 pretty much installs out of the box. You then just need to disable the sdhci module by putting sdhci_pci.blacklist=yes in the boot command line and iwconfig wlan0 power off in /etc/rc.local to stop the power saving on the wireless connection that periodically hangs the machine and makes wireless access very spotty.